21 Vegan Dishes

to Inspire Daughters of the Most High to Eat Healthily

Your Nutritional Guide To Healthy Vegan Food 

Infused With Soul!

Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked, Always Divinely Prepared

This Cookbook Contains 21 Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Nutrient-Dense Recipes All Packed With Flavor! If You’ve Struggled With Living A Plant-Based Lifestyle Before, Doing So Has Never Been Easier With “Sometimes Raw.”

Plus Our Cookbook, Can Help You Save Potentially Hundreds Of Dollars A Year On Your Grocery Bill. Using A Simple Household Ingredient (That's Probably In Your Kitchen Right Now) To Cleanse Your Non-Organic Fruit & Veggies.

Maybe Give “Sometimes Raw” To Someone As A Gift As Well!

I Bet They’ll Appreciate You For Thinking Of Them In Such A Meaningful Way! So What Are You Waiting For??? 

What’s Better Than Breaking Bread With Those You Love? 

I know! It’s the ability to finally enjoy pizza, sandwiches, and crackers to scoop up your favorite dips in spite of having gluten and dairy allergies or suffering from certain food intolerances.

It's all possible now because of the mindfully healthy breads, salads, roasts, desserts, and creative recipes featured in this book!

Your family will grow to love each gluten free, plant-based, RAW or COOKED savory recipe that’s found inside our healthy, delicious, nutritious Cookbook!

Enjoy the Foods You Love Without Violating The Laws Of Health And Keep In Line With Compassionate Living…TASTEFULLY! Try Some Of Our Delicious: 

Cheesecakes, Cookies, Pizza, “Tuno” Sandwiches, Roasts, Breads, Crackers, “Steaks” & “Wings”...

All Natural Plant-Based Recipes Made With Love!

What You Will Learn From This Book:

Secret #1: The art of making Divinely Prepared Meals that feed both sides of human hunger.

If you tend to overeat at mealtime, it may have something to do with a spiritual need not being met. My cookbook will inspire you to develop spiritual awareness and deeper appreciation for your food and how it should be prepared.

Secret #2: The science of removing up to 96% of the pesky pesticides commonly associated with conventionally grown vegetables.

You'll learn how this common household ingredient can make your food healthier (hint: it's probably in your kitchen right now).

Secret #3: The wisdom of increasing your monthly savings while eating healthier.

This soul food vegan cookbook has a variety of plant-based recipes that require a variety of fruit and veggies for optimal fitness and nutrition.

Here's Just a Glimpse of What You'll Find Inside 

"Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked" :

Part #2: 

Sometimes Cooked

​Almond Oat Chocolate Chunks


​Cauliflower Roast

Ginger Sesame Cauliflower "Wings"​

​Heavenly Jicamores


​Red Lentil Stew

​"Tuno" Salad

Part #1: 

Sometimes Raw

Antioxidant-Rich Berry Bowl

​Avocado Tomato Garnish

Cripsy Kale Chips

​"Eat The Rainbow" Salad

​Green Creamy Zucchini

​Jicama Sticks

​Portobello Steaks

​Raspberry Pomegranate Cheesecake

​Rosemary Herb Flatbread

Part #3: 

Sometimes Raw & Cooked

​Avocado Tomato Garnish on

Toasted K-Bread

​​Cheesy Portobello Pizza

​Harvest Quinoa Bowl

​"Tuno" Sandwich

​Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

The "Sometimes Raw" Cookbook Includes:

Get Motivated!

Sometimes Raw”Is A Resource That Contains Useful Information About:

  • How My Divine Health Journey Led To This Book
  • ​Helpful Kitchen Aides & Equipment You Need
  • ​How to Save Money When Selecting Your Produce
  • ​Working With Savory Herbs and Spices
  • ​Research-Based Ways To Remove Pesticides
  • ​12 Fruit & Veggies To Soak Before Eating 
  • ​Meals That Satisfy Both Sides of Human Hunger

Author's Area


Prior to getting started on the Journey to Divine Health, I felt like I was on the verge of a heart attack. At close to 300 lbs., it seemed like life was slowly slipping away from me.

A plant based lifestyle was the key to a DIVINE transformation that took me from knocking at the door of death to living my best life and working toward fulfilling my Divine Purpose.

Now, I am on a mission to help women just like me use food to improve health outcomes for themselves and their families. In my cookbook, you’ll find:

  • Some Raw Foods Recipes
  • ​Some Cooked Food Recipes
  • ​Some Combined Raw & Cooked Food Recipes
  • ​Always Divinely Prepared For Optimum Health & Spiritual Balance

The Transformation



In spring 2016, I’d reached a pivotal crossroad in my life. I weighed closed to 300 lbs and felt on the verge of a heart attack. I was constantly in pain, short of breath, and physically and mentally exhausted. I didn’t feel good in anything I wore and, as a result, thought I was unattractive and avoided going out.  I was miserable.

I began treating my body as God’s gift to be cherished and honored as a sacred temple. This created a timeline and set me on a journey that inspired the Cookbook.

I believe that weight loss isn’t just about controlling what you eat. It’s about understanding why you eat and changing bad habits associated with overeating or eating the wrong kind of food. I have lost 135 lbs by fasting, juicing, and most importantly switching to a plant-based diet. The foods that are contained in the cookbook help to sustain me.

My soul food vegan cookbook has a variety of plant-based recipes like the mouthwatering collard green soup recipe to help you with fitness and nutrition.

Place an order for my healthy eating recipe book and start your plant-based lifestyle with delicious and easy recipes today!

As a Daughter of the Most High, DIVINE HEALTH is your birthright! Still, you have to work for it...Let these recipes aid your journey to Divine Health.

  People really love Sometimes Raw...

"Wow! This Cookbook is everything! I love how the book challenges us to think deeply and intentionally about HOW we prepare food in order to experience the divinity of our food. I never really paid much attention to that aspect of hunger. I read her free e-book, Divinity Soup...., so I was already familiar with her concept of a divinely prepared meal but in this book she actually details the steps to do so. I must say I like the fat bomb the most. Its called, Heavenly Jicamore -and if you love chocolate you've got to try it. I'm sending Sometimes Raw...to my sister too because she loves delicious food (and we all need to be more health conscious)! I would highly recommend you get a copy if you need a big boost of flavor and nutrient density in your life."
Jennfer F. - Maryland
"I bought this cookbook from Queen Sheila after trying her Divinity Soup recipe. It is so good, I made it my family's comfort soup during Shabbat. It has become a tradition in my house and the kids love it. So this prompted me to get her cookbook. All great materials for healthy, Divine Food for a righteous soul. She has a great story as well. She is a true healer not only in the food department for for women's wellness as well. Check her out! You won't regret it."
K. Yahel. - Carlifonia

"...I had to buy her cookbook called "Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked, Always Divinely Prepared" which includes 21 vegan dishes. Portobello steaks, Almond oat chocolate cookies and Red Lentil stew just to name a few! It's amazing to taste one's talented gift from a no-meat, plant-based cookbook.

In conclusion, I would have to thank the chef, Sheila Brown, for creating these healthy meals. One of my primary goals is to create her wonderful dishes over the holidays for my family and friends. I'm so blessed to have met her in my life. I recommend her cookbook highly!"

Sabrina J. -  Delaware
"This cookbook is a MUST HAVE!! The recipes are simple and easy to follow. The ingredients are versatile and can be used in different recipes. There’s great information about the “Dirty Dozen” list to help guide me with my produce choices. Glad I made the purchase."
Crystal O. - Maryland
"Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked Always Divinely Prepared is spot on. The Queen Sheila Brown gives us such a dynamic, in-depth view her delicious divine dishes and how to make them!! This book is so instrumental to health as each recipe provides a divine, traditional passage to holistic thinking through food and wellness."
Tyrone D. - California

"I never thought I'd be interested in plant-based food but working with Sheila as Client naturally sparked my interest. I have to say, that the food is tasty and very nutritious. I loved the Harvest Quinoa Bowl the best. If you are looking for an introduction to vegan food, you can't go wrong with Sometimes Raw"

Idris A. -  Nigeria


An Ancestor-Inspired Recipe Starring Collard Greens

The Cookbook comes with this 20-page e-book (Divinity Soup) which contains details to help you  start your divine health journey, starting. You will Learn the story behind this family tradition and get an amazing collard green soup recipe!

This e-book is full-color and packed full of delicious photos.

"...Divinity Soup was the kick-start that I needed and I look forward to more books and recipes from Ms. Brown!..." - Jenn F. - Washington DC

*The bonus is available only in digital format
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